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University Entrance Test [UET104] Cho Cho Zaw 100.00 %
English Grade 12 Test [EG12T104] Cho Cho Zaw 100.00 %
English Level B Certificate Test [LBC106] Cho Cho Zaw 100.00 %
Check my english level A [CEL101] Boi Tien 100.00 %
Graduate Study Entrance Test [GET101] phan quoc hoa 100.00 %
English Grade 11 Test [EG11T102] Cho Cho Zaw 100.00 %
English Grade 8 Test [EG8T101] minh tam 100.00 %
Full TOEIC Sample Test [TCST104] ad 100.00 %
English Level C Certificate Test [LCC105] Cho Cho Zaw 100.00 %
English Grade 12 Test [EG12T103] Cho Cho Zaw 100.00 %
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Full TOEIC Sample Test [TCST102] giselleravi 71.25 %
Full TOEIC Sample Test [TCST102] Naufal Haru Tri Buana 60.00 %
Full TOEIC Sample Test [TCST101] giselleravi 68.75 %
Full TOEIC Sample Test [TCST102] Seam Hadez 66.25 %
Full TOEIC Sample Test [TCST104] saeed 45.00 %
Full English Sample Tests
Check My English Level PDF Print E-mail

Don’t know your English Level? Check now!


These tests were designed to check your English Level. You have 20 minutes to complete each test. Your answers and scores will be saved and calculated automatically. You can review your result after finishing the test. When finishing each test, we'll advise you what English level you should learn.

Why should I check my English level? Because you actually don't know your English level so it is very hard to select a course that is suitable to your English ability. After you check your English level. You may know your English level, your skills such as: reading, listening, writing, and speaking. In these series, we do not provide writing and speaking tests. You can only check your reading and listening skills.


Each of the tests contains the following parts:

Part 1. Complete a sentence. You must choose the best answer for each of the given questions.


Almost everyone______ for home by the time we arrived.

a. leave

b. left

c. leaves

d. had left

You choose the answer b then save your answer.

Part 2. Reading a passage: You read a passage and then choose one answer for each of the given questions

Part 3. Find the error words: You choose the underlined part that needs correction.

He doesn't much like the work, but he enjoyed the relationships with the other workers.

a. much

b. but

c. enjoyed


d. with

You choose the answer c then save your answer.

Part 4. Find the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.


a. fight

b. high

c. figure

d. bright

You choose the answer c then save your answer.

If you are ready. Start now.

Check my English Grade 1 <--- You Start Here

Check my English Grade 2

Check my English Grade 3

Check my English Grade 4

Full English Sample Tests PDF Print E-mail

Thithutienganh provides full free English sample tests for you to practice. You will step by step familiarize yourself with the test formats and sample questions before taking a real test. All the tests were designed according to the standard formats of official tests.

Level A sample tests: provide you questions that were formatted and followed a standard test for English beginner. If you have just started learning English. This test is suitable for you to check your English ability. Especially grammar and reading sections.

Level B sample tests: If you have just completed an English course for pre-intermediate learner, this test is for you. You can check what you have learned from the textbook.

Following English test formats are available: