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Full TOEIC Sample Test [TCST101] Whelyn Joy 78.75 %
English Grade 12 Test [EG12T103] Durdana Ghazi 50.00 %
English Grade 12 Test [EG12T108] Durdana Ghazi 80.00 %
English Grade 12 Test [EG12T102] Durdana Ghazi 56.67 %
TOEFL Sample Test [TFST103] Sara Sh 91.67 %

Full TOEIC Sample Test [TCST104]

TOEIC stands for Test of English for International Communication. It is divided into two main sections: Listening and Reading. The Listening section tests the ability to understand spoken English. The Reading section tests the knowledge of grammar and vocabulary usage and the ability to read and understand short passages.

Section I: Listening Test

Part I: Picture Description

Part II: Questions and Responses

Part III: Short Conversations

Part IV: Short Talks

Section II: Reading Test

Part V: Incomplete Sentences

Part VI: Error recognition


Part VII: Reading Comprehension

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