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Sample TOEIC Tests

Test format: New format, short form

Total questions: 80

Total time: 60 minutes

Register required to save scores: Yes

Full statistics: Yes

Sample Certificate: Yes

Print: Yes

Cost: Free

Section I: Listening Test

Part I: Picture Description

Part II: Questions and Responses

Part III: Short Conversations

Part IV: Short Talks

Section II: Reading Test

Part V: Incomplete Sentences

Complete the sentences with choices provided. You should choose the one word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

For example:

If you wait until the twelfth, the president ..... for two days by then.

a. has been waiting

b. has waited

c. will have been waiting

d. was waiting

You choose the correct answer c then save your answer.

Part VI: Incomplete Texts

Error Recognition. Choose the underlined part that needs correction.

For example:

Jeff and Gloria went to pick out carpeting and decoration, including furnitures for the new VIP lounge that was opening on the third floor.

a. went to pick out

b. including furnitures

c. lounge

d. was opening

You choose the correct answer b then save your answer.

Part VII: Reading Comprehension

Answer all questions following each reading selection on the basis of what is stated or implied in that selection. You should choose the best answer for each question.

For example:

What does the ad recommend the facility be used for?

a. Product development

b. Market research

c. Light manufacturing

d. Distribution

You choose the correct answer d then save your answer.

Your answers and scores will be saved and calculated automatically. You can review your result after finishing the test.


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